Felted Basket No. 1
Felted Basket No. 1
Felted Basket No. 1
Felted Basket No. 1
Felted Basket No. 1
Felted Basket No. 1
Felted Basket No. 1

Felted Basket No. 1

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Designed by Eunyoung Kim

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About This Pattern:

This basket pattern has lots of options: two different yarn weights (bulky yarn held double or super bulky held single), two different ways to cast on and seam the base (regular cast on with a seam, or provisional cast on with kitchener stitch), and two different sizes (small or large).

Yarn: 400 (840) yards total of feltable bulky weight yarn held double: 300 (630) yards of bottom color & 100 (210) yards of top color
200 (420) yards total of feltable super bulky weight yarn held single: 150 (315) yards of bottom color and 50 (105) yards of top color
We used 4 skeins of Cascade Spuntaneous, 3 skeins of #1 (bottom color) and 1 skein of #10 (top color) with yarn held single to make the large size, and 4 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky, 3 skeins of #118 "Tortuga" (bottom color) and 1 skein of #035 "Frank Ochre" (top color) with yarn held double to make the small size.

Needles:  US 13 / 9 mm 32 (40)” circulars
or equivalent type & length in size needed to obtain gauge

Notions: 1 locking stitch marker, darning needle, scissors, and tape measure

Gauge: 2.25 stitches & 4 rows per inch in garter stitch before blocking or felting

Measurements: about 8 (11.5)” in diameter and 8” tall after felting
final measurements vary based on how much basket is felted

Sizes: Small (Large)