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Placemarker is an interactive online pattern reading program developed by Cleo & Justine of Cast Away Yarn Shop. Any patterns you buy on our website are available in Placemarker's unique online format which offers these features:

  • The current step is bolded and the page automatically scrolls as you move through the pattern so you can easily see where you are.
  • The current step is saved so you can't lose your place in any pattern, even if you close the window or log out.
  • Any steps that need to be repeated are highlighted and automatically scrolled to.
  • You can select your size and all the numbers in the pattern are automatically updated to only show you the ones you need.
  • Hover over any abbreviation to see the full term
  • Make notes that save to your account: record your yarn, colors, needles, gauge, and anything else you might need to remember.
  • Use the counters (which you can label) to help you keep track of rows or repeats.
  • All techniques needed for each pattern are listed and correspond to tutorials that automatically play on a loop
  • All patterns work excellently on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

How to Check Out a Pattern

  1. Browse our patterns here. 
  2. Add a pattern (or two) to your cart.
  3. Go through the checkout process and make an account if necessary (if the pattern is free you won't be charged).
  4. Go to your account page to view your patterns.
  5. Click on the name of any pattern and start making!

Can Any Patterns Be Added to Placemarker?

Because of the complex features available on Placemarker, patterns can't be "uploaded" to the program. Each pattern needs to be retyped line by line into our system for it to work. Don't worry though, we have a whole list of features we want to add to Placemarker in future phrases, and offering our customers access to the pattern uploader is definitely one of them!

If you're interested in seeing more patterns on Placemarker, we encourage you to reach out to your favorite designers and let them know you'd want to use their patterns in our program. If they're interested, they can read over our designer partnership program (below) and contact us.

Placemarker Designer Partnerships

Interested in having your designs available on Placemarker? We would love to have them!

Email Cleo at placemarkerpatterns@gmail.com with a short introduction about you and your designs, images and/or pdfs of your patterns and samples, and the rest of the information requested here:

What we would like to know first: 

  • Are you currently selling your designs in any other formats? Ravelry, paper patterns, in books or magazines, etc.?
  • Do you have full legal rights to the patterns you would like to publish on Placemarker?
  • Do you have high resolution photos of the pattern sample?
  • What materials are required to make the pattern and what did you use to make your sample, specifically?
  • Which patterns of yours would you like to see on Placemarker first? 

Costs Involved:

  • We take 50% of all pattern sales and send designer's their cuts on a monthly basis (this covers hosting fees, program maintenance, and pattern support).

We review new pattern submissions on a monthly basis. Note that since uploading patterns to Placemarker is very time consuming, we cannot accept all submissions.