Basic Knitting Techniques

Styles of Knitting - very important info if you're learning or relearning! 

The Knit Stitch (k) - what it's all named after

The Purl Stitch (p) - the other side of knitting (literally!)

Adding New Yarn - for when you run out, or want to add a new color

Carrying Yarn Up the Edge - more stripes, less ends to weave in!

A Lesson on Gauge - count your stitches & rows

Knitting Ribs - remember that phrase, "knit one, purl two?"

Working with Two Strands Held Together - use two colors for a marled effect

Turning Your Work - like short rows, but much, much easier.

Slip Stitches - for clean edges & fun stitch patterns

Using Markers - to help keep you on track