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Cast On Techniques

There are many different kinds of cast ons. Most of them can be used interchangeably, but others are used for specific purposes.

Slip Knot - most cast ons start with a slip knot that you slide onto one of your needles.

Long Tail Cast On - a stretchy and versatile cast on. Our favorite!

Knit On Cast On - an easy cast on if you've knit before, since it's very similar to the knit stitch.

Cable Cast On - usually used to cast on in the middle of projects.

Backwards Loop Cast On (coming soon!) - also called the Kindergarten cast on

Provisional Cast On (coming soon!) - used to keep stitches "live" so they can be picked up later without leaving a seam.

Circular Cast On (coming soon!) - for working in the round from the center, out. Perfect for toe-up socks!