Eyelet Rope Stitch

The eyelet rope stitch is a combination of a few different techniques that combine to give a faux cable look. It combines slipping stitches, passing over, and yarn overs. If you're not already familiar with these techniques, you might want to check out our tutorials on them individually before learning how to combine them.

This stitch looks best when there are at least 3 purl stitches in between each eyelet rope.

We use the eyelet rope stitch in our Eyelet Rope Blanket pattern.

Written instructions:

  1. Slip three purlwise with yarn in back.
  2. Pass first slipped stitch over the other two and off the right needle.
  3. Slip two stitches from right needle back to left needle without twisting them.
  4. Knit one stitch, yarn over, knit one stitch.

If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the different styles of knitting before continuing. There are three different ways to hold your yarn when knitting and you want to make sure you're watching the right technique for you.