Tips & Tricks

How to Know If You Have Enough Yarn for a Project

How much yarn do you need for your project? And more importantly, how much yarn do you have? Most importantly, is it enough? Read this article and learn how to find out!


How to Know What Weight Your Yarn Is

Wondering what weight that mystery ball of yarn is that's been in your stash for years? Or maybe the label for a yarn you just bought doesn't tell you if it's a sport or DK or worsted? This is a very common question, and luckily there's an easy answer!


Is Gauge Really That Important? Short Answer: USUALLY!

Wondering why the sweater you spent forever on came out too big or too small? And why you used way more yarn than the pattern said? It all comes down to your gauge! In this article we'll explain how gauge affects your knitting and how to make sure your knits come out right.


How to Hold the Yarn While You Knit

Wanna know a secret? There's no wrong way to hold your yarn! That said, we do have a few that work best for us.


So You've NEVER Knit Before and Want to Learn?

Not sure where to start? Follow this simplified Beginning Knitting Guide, with links to the easiest and best patterns, yarns, and video tutorials! (This guide is still in the process of being written.)